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Coronado Brewing Orange Wit Lamb Chops

Added on 05/15/2016
Coronado Brewing makes an excellent orange wit beer great for a warm summer day. The crisp citrus flavor makes it a refreshing beer easily enjoyable at any time. I thought this would go...
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Stone Saison Kumquat Marmalade

Added on 05/16/2016
Saison’s are one of my favorite beer styles. They are a light and fruity beer that is perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day. For this recipe I was trying to track down the Stone Saison but was...
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Alesmith .394 Pale Ale Mac N’ Cheese

Added on 05/27/2016
There’s not a lot of things more American than Mac n’ cheese. I mean if Thomas Jefferson was a fan, then what else is there to say. I love the Alesmith .394 Pale Ale and thought it would go...
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